With the Topic: 
Looking for Better Outcomes in Metabolic Surgery

10 DECEMBER 2016
Ramada Parc Hotel, Bucharest, Romania

Event accompanied by a specialized medical exhibition


The e-Poster is a poster in electronic format, PowerPoint, jpeg or PDF. In comparison with the traditional poster display, the electronic version offers versatility in content presentation, allowing the author to display the information on multimedia support.

If your abstract has been accepted by the Scientific Committee as e-Poster, the authors are kindly asked to design their electronic poster according to the guidelines presented below. 

The e-Posters will be displayed exclusively on electronic devices all throughout the symposium, in the e-Posters area.

In order to have the e-Posters displayed, the presenting author must register to the symposium (by filling in the online registration form and paying the registration fee).

e-Poster guidelines and recommendations
-> Mandatory format: PowerPoint (.ppt, .pptx - 1 SLIDE only)
-> Mandatory orientation : PORTRAIT
-> Mandatory size : Width: 11.25 inch (28.57 cm, 1080 px), Height 20 inch (50.8 cm, 1920 px)
-> Maximum accepted size : 20mb / e-Poster
-> It is recommended that you organize your content in the following sections: Introduction and objectives, Material and method, Results, Conclusions
-> Recommended fonts: Arial, Calibri, Times New Roman
-> Recommended font size: 12 - 24 pts.
-> For a better visibility, it is recommended that you use bright fonts on a darker background.
-> To enhance the quality of your presentation, it is recommended that you insert graphics and photos to sustain the content of your paper.